On an October morning in Newfarm families gathered from across the globe to celebrate Peter and Jodie’s union. It was the best weather, great styling, a cheerful crowd and a beautiful couple. I asked Peter and Jodie for a few words about what I did on the day and the shared this!

Josh’s manner was professional and friendly from our first encounter with him prior to our wedding.  Josh has a natural ability to connect with people due to his desire to know their story.  He was able to immediately put us and our guests at ease by speaking quietly with us and then addressing our guests all throughout the ceremony.  Josh is a natural public speaker and spoke freely from the heart with passion and warmth.  He ‘went with flow’ with ease as our toddler unexpectedly wanted to be ‘up front and centre’ with us during the exchanging of rings.  He was the perfect celebrant for our wedding day and set the tone for our whole day – relaxed and joyous.  We highly recommend Josh to anyone who would like a similar atmosphere at their wedding or any occasion requiring an empathetic and heartfelt celebrant.

The venue is Newfarm Park, down by the water from the rotunda, romantically called “Area 2” by the council. Photography by Stacey Schramm Photography.