Josh Withers and Brittany Snow

Hi! My name is Josh Withers.

I’m Britt‘s husband, a marriage celebrant, and a nerd. Here’s a bunch of links that can help you find all my stuff.

I like to share stories, that mainly happens on my Micro.Blog at which gets re-shared to my personal Facebook and @joshuawithers on Twitter. If I get super excited and write something bigger than a micro blog, it becomes a Medium blog post.

My business is in being a marriage celebrant and you can find me at and @marriedbyjosh on Facebook and Instagram.

In my spare time I dabble in art creation, which you can see on Facebook and Instagram plus I’ve got an online gallery where you can download for free or order prints for cash.

If you want to email me about being your celebrant get me at and if you want me for everything else type into the ‘to’ field. And if it’s super urgent you can iMessage me, or call, but really don’t call me, all I’ll have to do is return your call then play phone tag forever.