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I believe that your ceremony should be, and can be, the best part of your wedding!

Meaningful moment

Your wedding ceremony means something, it’s literally what everyone is invited to, so let’s get married with purpose and meaning

The official celebrant of fun weddings!

Your wedding ceremony can be fun, awesome, and enjoyable!

The best wedding ever

There’s no reason why your wedding shouldn’t be the best wedding ever, because its celebrating the fact that you are loved. It’s not about having a wedding, it’s about being married

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I’m Josh Withers, a civil marriage celebrant, and I create the world’s best marriage ceremonies. My wife Britt and I also create elopements with The Elopement Collective, plus I train and mentor Australia’s best celebrants at The Celebrant Institute. We’ve got two little girls and we live on the beach at the Gold Coast. Despite living in paradise I also travel the country and the globe every week to create marriage ceremonies for adventurous people just like you.

I believe your wedding ceremony can be, and should be, the best part of your wedding!

I’m legally authorised to marry people in America, Canada, and Australia, and when I create marriage ceremonies in other countries we’ll often perform the legal parts in Australia before we leave.

I believe a wedding should be

Simple & Significant

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I believe your marriage should be

Better than your wedding

Ready to Rock

For a moment that is only the beginning

I believe there’s a better way to marry, with meaning and purpose. In strength and purity, bringing together the right people, for one moment, where we cheer you on into your life as a married couple.

At the very heart of what I do is a deep and strong belief in the art and the act of marriage. Not thinking that marriage is some kind of black magic, or a magical cure for our human ills, but in the art of coming together we reach our truest selves. In the art of being loved we discover that all of the work prior to now was just preparation for this work, the work of loving and being loved.

I believe that in marriage we become our best selves.

I think your marriage ceremony is a space for that transformation to happen.

Intrinsically crafted

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Get in touch to arrange a time to meet, online or in-person. My best advice is to plan your wedding around your team, then find a date that works, but if you’ve already selected a date, let me know and I’ll see if we can make it work.

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