Don’t thank every single person that you need to thank. That’s it. If you stop reading this post now you can move on with your life a little bit wiser. I attend more weddings than the average bear, albeit I’m usually MCing the reception, or performing the marriage ceremony, but I know this one drop of knowledge will make your wedding speech better. Thanking everyone individually doesn’t do what you hope it would do.

If you’re looking for a little bit more explanation, here’s all the reasons you should thank “everyone” instead of each individual person.

  1. Thanking individuals can take a long time as you’re going through the whole list
  2. Your thanks may not be received as heartfelt gratitude if it’s in the shopping list of thanks
  3. You’ll miss someone. You’ll always forget someone. It’s a human mistake, but as a person who’s been forgotten before, it sucks.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not employed to be thanked, but as you’ve thanked every single person, friend, family, vendor, and spent 25 minutes going through the whole list and my name is missed – it makes you wonder if something was up. And there probably isn’t, but the human brain is a weird thing.
  4. There are better ways to thank people than the shopping list at the wedding.
  5. The guests don’t really want to hear anyone speak, or if someone must speak, let it be punchy and meaningful.
  6. Even if you do thank the person, and you meant it, they might not hear it.
  7. Just thank everyone!
  8. And if you really do appreciate the people, do it personally, even ahead of the speech. It makes a great conversation starter after the ceremony or over canapés, or even in the weeks before.

Photo credit: James Day!