These are the top five things I need to myth-bust when I meet with couples as we plan their wedding. Remember, your wedding is in Australia and there isn’t a director or a camera, so American cinema rules need not apply to your wedding!

Apologies if your wedding is outside of Australia … I don’t know the rules where you are!

  1. It’s not legal until you say “I do”. In fact you can have a legitimate, legal and awesome ceremony without I do-ing to anything.
  2. Guests are to be given the opportunity to object. The only time I’ll ask for objections is if I’m in a gossipy mood. If someone has an objection to your wedding taking place they really should say something beforehand. Like, really early on.
  3. SOMEONE has to walk the bride down the aisle. Unless she is physically unable to arrive to the ceremony on her own, she is welcome to walk anywhere, aisle or otherwise, by herself, or with someone else, a family member or friend, or even her groom!
  4. “By the power vested in me …”. This is a nice way of leading into the end of the ceremony but all of the old-hat ceremony words, like “Dearly beloved” and “All rise for the bride” are just things one guy thought of years ago everyone else has just copied. You get to choose your own words to say at your wedding!
  5. You may now kiss the bride. I’m not against kissing after all, kissing is awesome, but there’s no right or wrong place or time to kiss a bride, when you are her groom. But if you want my permission, I’ll defs give it to you!

What’s actually required? Here’s the bare minimum requirements for an Australian marriage ceremony.