weoa-peoples-choice-awardsIf you are in a “what would Josh like today” kind of mood, then please let me indulge you with a link and a few instructions on how to vote for me in the Weddings and Events of Australia (WEOA) People’s Choice Award.

Step 1: go to weoa.com.au/awardsarea/queensland

Step 2: Search for, or just look for, Joshua Withers Marriage Celebrant {that’s me!}

Step 3: Click the bit that says “CLICK TO VOTE”

Step 4: High five someone then go along with your awesome day.

Step 5: Still feeling generous? Share this page with your dad, then ask him to forward it on to everyone along with his next joke or political rant.

Thank you for your vote, next time you see me, let me know you voted and I’ll high five you and maybe even shout you a coffee!