What a traumatic year

2020. What a traumatic year. It’s a miracle that Britt and I are here standing together, holding each other, smiling, at the end of this year. Someone acutely described our situation like this: this year all of us need more than any one of us can give. That’s...

Melbourne city elopement with Sara and Mike!

Mike and Sara eloped and their elopement has been featured in Polkadot Bride! “Our celebrant Josh was amazing. He recognised early on that we didn’t want the whole spectacle of vows and readings – it was short and sweet! We’re not the kind of couple that likes to be...
Awesome wedding vows, a how-to guide by a celebrant

Awesome wedding vows, a how-to guide by a celebrant

A big part of my job as a wedding celebrant, marriage officiant or what my American followers might call a justice of the peace, is talking about your vows.

Our wedding vows are a response to the person standing opposite to you on your wedding day. You’re welcome to have some fun, crack a joke, cry or get emotional, but it’s a personal occasion, a mano-a-mano moment with your most loved.