The words “wedding tradition” don’t actually mean anything.

Here’s what I mean by that, on a personal note to you, and your family and your people, the word “wedding tradition” mean something, but to a wedding professional they are less descriptive than you would know.

There’s no formal list of things that we understand when you say you are, or aren’t having a traditional wedding.

For one couple that means you’re having a bedding ceremony (Google it, trust me, Google it), and for another it means you’re walking down the aisle as a couple (as is the original Catholic tradition), where for the next couple they couldn’t imagine walking in together because a father is going to walk a daughter down the aisle.

Wedding tradition isn’t something you obey or disobey, something you follow or leave. It’s just a descriptor for ‘at weddings, people like us, do things like this’ and that’s fine. But there’s no global mark for meeting, setting, or passing a wedding tradition. It’s just the both of you saying ‘people like us, do things like this’ and because you’re the adults now, you get to choose what that means.