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Somewhere along the way, it might of been in a movie, probably in church, sometimes it’s even just a friend, but somewhere along the line that is life I got too encouraged.

I was told I could do anything. There were various conditions applied to this, for example “if you’ve got the right attitude” or “if you believe in yourself” or the classic “if you work hard enough”.

I even believed it. But as long as there are other people in the world I can’t do anything. The same ear that opened itself up to the world to be encouraged and educated is the same ear that hears the accusations, the discouragement, the disappointment and it’s the same ear that’s attached to the eyes that see the bank balance, that see the emails, that see the comments on Facebook.

Can our senses get a one-way valve upgrade?

Perhaps I’d be happier if I was never told I could do anything, then when something amazing happened I’d be really surprised and excited, instead of expecting amazing all the time which leaves me discouraged?