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Some of my best friends are quitters.

Don't stop believingAnd amongst most people I know that wouldn’t be a positive statement. To be a quitter in modern Australia goes against every little battler’s great Aussie Dream. ‘Quitters never win and winners never quit’ is the popular encouragement that you’ll hear coaches say, and even the cast members of Glee sing ‘Don’t stop believing’ as an encouragement to nerds worldwide.

But why is it so bad to quit?

I look over my close friends list on Facebook, think back over the coffees, lunches and dinners I’ve had recently, and skim through the text messages and phone calls I’ve received and my closest allies are quitters, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think about my friend Ash who quit his working life two years ago to go to university, and Evan who’s recently done the same thing. Lawrence quit plumbing to go to mining, and he even quit his marriage. Britt quit buying more handbags for travel, and she quit calling me split-the-bill Josh and started calling me her husband. Scotty quit his lifetime dream to do something that he thought mattered. Téa quit Perth to go to Sydney and Andrew quit the single life to become a dad and a husband. From what I know, they’re all much happier now, especially Britt!

There’s something beautiful, strong, endearing and proud about admitting publicly that a thing is not the right thing, and now you’re choosing a different thing.

Why don’t you quit something today?