Writing your own bio for Facebook or Twitter is the hardest thing to do in the world. Well, maybe the second hardest if the hardest thing is convincing Britt to let me install this new fancy app that I just found onto her iPhone. She didn’t even want Instagram when it first came out! (Love you honey!)

Back to writing your own bio, it’s hard. Trying to encapsulate what it is that “ya do here” when you’re the one doing what you do is kind of weird. So this email that Lauren and Dre sent me pretty much made my day, and on top of that, to answer “The Bobs“, this is exactly what Britt and I “do here”.

Congratulations on becoming such a success and really taking the industry by the horns. From what I can see, you’re really leading the way and nurturing a historical shift in the way we view, live and remember weddings. That’s a pretty bold move on your part and I commend you for having such a realistic and practical approach to what is typically determined by (grossly irrelevant) traditions.

Thank you Lauren and Dre! And thank you to everyone else that’s on board this crazy train that’s express to Awesomeweddingtown!