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A few years ago I thought it would be great fun to start an Apple Fan Page on Facebook. I’d been a MacBook owner for about 3 years and thought that my Mac was the best thing since my high school let us wear short socks instead of long socks on sports day.

The iPhone was out in the wild, we didn’t have it in Australia yet, but a few friends had imported iPhones and were hacking them, the world was slowly becoming more and more awesome everyday. The iPod Touch was released and I bought one straight away. Honestly, me and Apple could of had babies and I would’ve brought them up without child support payments if Apple left. I was in love.

Slowly things evolved, over time I spent a considerable amount of money on products and it seemed like the rest of the world was because the Facebook page I had started was growing ever so slowly.

I named it Alt+Shift+K, if you’re on a Mac that will show the Apple Logo. I never promoted this page, but like a wildfire it grew and today it’s 150,000 members strong. The Australian Liberal Party couldn’t even get that many people to vote for Tony Abbott today but somehow that many people clicked and became fans.

Facebook got worried and made me change the name of the page to “Fans of Apple” and although it was not as cool as a name, the love of Apple products continued to grow.

Here’s the thing though, my rose coloured glasses expected that everyone who clicked “Become a Fan” was a “glass-half-full”, Apple loving, forward thinking, early adopting person like me.

I’m completely and extraordinarily wrong on that note.

Although only 50-60 people will comment on an iPad related post at a time it seems like they represent the majority with their immaturity and stupidity.

I call them stupid because they are dedicated to offensively calling out the iPad as a device they’d never buy, or use etc.

The reason this bothers me is this: I don’t care if they buy an iPad or not. My distaste is with their general attitude and character. I’m curious if they represent the greater population. Is the general population of the world that small minded that they can’t see the forest through the trees? Does the general population write-off a product, person or idea without having actually experienced it for themselves? Do people honestly have that much emotion and insecurity built-up that they will unleash it on Facebook toward a product they have not used yet? Are hypocrites really gaining this much ground? Will hypocrites be the next superpower in the world?

What I’m trying to say is, Facebook “Fans of Apple” hate commenters, piss off.

To the Apple Fans, love you guys. I love hanging out with people of similar passions and you’re it.

Edit: Someone alerted me to this Youtube video which could help us understand internet trolls.