Complete, and submit, your notice of intended marriage form

Your “Notice of intended marriage” form, from here-in called the NOIM, is a form that needs to be submitted to Josh Withers, your marriage celebrant, before one month before your marriage ceremony.

At the top of the form you need to address it to your celebrant, at their registered celebrant address. This is different to the mailing address. Josh’s registered address as a marriage celebrant is:

Joshua Withers
PO Box 457
Robina Town Centre, Qld, 4230

The form can be downloaded below, please read the form’s questions carefully, and answer accurately. All of the answers to the questions can be, and should be, found on your birth certificate, passport, or drivers license. Full names include all middle names, and full maiden names include first and middle names as well.

Post the completed, signed, witnessed, NOIM to Josh using the above postal address asap!

A short instructional video taking you through the NOIM is below.

Download the notice of intended marriage form as a PDF