How much styling do I bring to a wedding?

Jackie just emailed me, asking an innocent question that one in two couples ask me. So I wanted to address it on my blog today, it’s a completely ok question to ask, but having been asked it a few times I thought I’d broadcast my thoughts on it.

Do you bring a table and chairs for the signing? Do you bring any furniture or styling for the ceremony?

No, I don’t bring any styling or furniture to a wedding. Sorry to everyone that was hoping I’d bring a little love sign 🙂

Here’s the deal: I’ll do what I do best: talk. And I’ll let people like Amey from Pack a Perfect Party do what they do best: style.

I know some other celebrants provide the full kit and caboodle, but here are my thoughts on that:

  1. I’ve got enough going on for your wedding day, I don’t want to compromise your ceremony because I was bringing chairs and tables and red carpet and things
  2. And I don’t want to compromise the look of your ceremony because I was too busy thinking about what I was going to say
  3. Making things look pretty isn’t my forte. I can barely make me look pretty.
  4. There are far more talented people than me that want to help you with that. Search for “wedding stylist” on Google.

I figure if I just concentrate my efforts on what I’m good at, you’ll have an awesome wedding ceremony!

Photos in this post are by Morgan Roberts at our Byron Bay Pop-Up Wedding. Check out what awesome wedding styling looks like below! All of that work is by Amey from Pack a Perfect Party with furniture from The Wedding Shed, the caravan and drinks service is by Gathering Events and the love sign is by Love Illuminated!