You don’t have to memorise your vows, so don’t.

Don’t memorise your vows 🙂

No more!


Related notes on the subject:

  • No-one is expecting you to remember your vows
  • Less than 1% of the grooms and brides married in Australia last year memorised their own vows
  • We have the technology (paper/print/tablets/phones) to read vows at your wedding
  • Your celebrant can have the vows and either pass them to you, or ask you to repeat after them, whatever makes you feel the best
  • You’re allowed to “wing it” with most of your vows, there’s just a few bits that need to be exact – more info
  • Seriously, you don’t have to memorise your vows and unless you have superpowers then don’t do it
  • If you do however have superpowers it’d be really cool to meet up, please email me
  • Here’s a pretty cool guide I wrote on how to write your own vows that rock, it’s the best guide ever apparently!