Today’s Marriage Monday blog post is a short and simple challenge. That’s coming up in a few sentences. First, a reasoning: lack of communication is the number one cause of relationship, and marriage, failure.

Whether it’s forgetting to tell your partner something, or hiding something from them, or neglecting to let them know about that appointment or forgetting that you planned dinner with friends. It’s the root cause of almost every single breakdown.

When I worked in radio I would give advice to young bands that wanted to be successful: do your first “thing”, whether it’s your first concert, first YouTube, your first album or your first single. Because once you’ve done it once you can do it twice, then you can do it a third time and all of a sudden you’ve done it 100 times.

So today’s challenge is to communicate with your partner. Tell them that thing that you had been meaning to tell them. Or let them know how you feel about that thing they do. You’ve been avoiding telling them. So tell them today. Share this blog post, then close it down, and pick up your phone.