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Ships in the night are not unlike the plethora of music today, always passing you by. Songs plastered across Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, in retail stores, on bittorrent, the radio and TV, it’s hard to trust someone even when you see the album being played on their Facebook page almost every day.

That’s Mat Kearney’s fourth album, “Young Love”. It’s all I’ve played on Spotify this week and I wanted to explain to all my friends why it’s worth a listen or ten.

So here’s my top ten reasons why Mat Kearney deserves your ear-time this month.

1) On the songwriter scale of Carly Rae Jepsen to King David, Mat Kearney’s not far from the top. His songs are authentic and humble stories that will inspire you and leave you with that good feeling in your gut.

2) He’s toured with John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, MuteMath, Keane and Owl City, performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno twice, and this summer in the United states he’s opening for Train!

3) You’ve got to hear the track “Rochester”, it’s about Mat’s grandfather. Mat tells the story of his Dad growing up “I’m actually named Matthew William Kearney, my middle name is named after my grandfather. My grandfather raised my dad in Rochester, N.Y., and he had a fake cigar shop and he ran an illegal gambling ring out of the back of it” and meeting his mother who was “a mermaid on a glass-bottom boat”. A beautiful story that needs to be heard.

4) On the opening track Mat pulls out a Roland 808 and drops the stereotypical singer-songwriter style and makes a rocking pop tune called Hey Mama.

5) Ships in the Night has spent 14 weeks in the Hot 25 national music chart based on your votes and radio airplay!

6) Before Mat was a singer-songwriter he was a poet and he didn’t even know it.

7) There are no puns like the last point on the album.

8) Mat’s songwriting is a very organic process “you can’t force them to come. They come as you listen, and meditate and pray, and wait for those songs, really. That’s the challenging part of what I do. You can’t just show up 9-5 and are guaranteed that a good song comes. Some of the songs fall out of the sky—they existed before I had it”

9) Mat was married last year and the theme of many of the songs, and the title of the album is born out of his newly found “Young Love”.

10) If you’re still not convinced or you haven’t heard of Mat Kearney yet then you’ve probably heard his songs on the soundtracks for Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Bones!

Get “Young Love” today online or at your lcoal music store and your must listen tracks are 1, 2, 9 & 10!

– Josh