A few weeks ago Britt and I asked our couples to start supporting Plan Australia’s campaign to eradicate child marriage. So many people have jumped on board and said yes. It’s so encouraging. Not that you guys would listen to us, that’s lovely. But because it affects real girls, who in their young life have been forced into marriage.

When Britt and I got married, we both decided to.

When Lamana was married, she was forced into it. She was taken out of school at the age of 15. Her husband wouldn’t let her leave the house and she was beaten into submission to sleep with him. Watch the video below to hear Lamana’s story.

Read more about Lamana here.

And learn more about what Plan Australia is doing to eradicate child marriage at these links:

When you book me as your celebrant there is a section on the booking form that allows you to make a donation to Plan, and if you make a donation, I’ll match it as well. Already this month we’ve seen hundreds donated. It’s so much good.

And if you’d like to donate directly – walk this way.