How to spend your wedding budget, a quick Rebels Guide.

Book a wedding planner who doesn’t refer to their clients as brides. Brides don’t get married, couples do.

Book a photographer that shares ceremony photos. The ceremony is a place the photographer has no control and no influence on the posing or light. It’s the hardest part of the wedding to shoot beautifully.

Book a celebrant that talks about marriage, because it’s so much more important being married over getting married.

Book a videographer that talks about their couples not about their gear. Because the logo on your camera pales in significance to the moments being recorded.

Book a band or DJ that right down in their very soul wants – nay, needs – to play the soundtrack to your marriage.

Book a caterer that knows that the food is how we connect as a family.

Book a stylist and a florist that cares about how your wedding feels, not just how it looks.

Book a wedding venue that will remember your name.

Book a wedding cake that you can eat for dessert.

Book accomodation as few steps from the reception as possible.

Finally, book wedding vendors that are talented and skilled enough to let your wedding day happen to you, as opposed to you trying to make your wedding day happen. Book vendors that will make your life better.