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whatsnew_lessons20090106Apple Inc. had an opportunity to go to the next level today, and before I sound to negative, I’ll give them another chance soon, but for today, they’ve missed out on a byte of the apple.

The Macworld expo has been a catalyst event for many years, it’s drawn many people to the kingdom of Apple, myself and Kent being two people wooed by a Macworld keynote. Apple recently announced this year’s Macworld would be their last, so I had high expectations of Steve and crew going out with a bang.

Today all we got was a fizzle:

  1. iWork 2009 upgrade – the version number of the last iWork and the new one give you an idea of how much we were expecting that.
  2. iLife 2009 upgrade – ditto
  3. MacBook Pro 17″ – wow … a product you said was coming … has come …. quick … tell everyone!

Today in the Telegraph they details the past Macworld keynote announcements. Let me summarize: the Mac Cube, iTunes, Safari, the new iMac, the Mac Mini, Intel Inside, the MacBook Air and the iPhone.

Now I’m personally of the train of thought that Apple, and other companies can release what they want, when they want, and we are of our own free will to like or dislike, purchase or not purchase and to use or not use, so Apple’s lack of announcement today is to their loss really and I’m not losing sleep over it.

It is just interesting to see even the biggest trains grind to a halt simply because other trains are and less people are riding them. Apple’s philosophy has always been to keep on taking things to new levels, bigger, better, stronger, tomorrow, faster and newer.

Today we got a few software upgrades and Colbie Caillat teaching us how to play guitar …… yay!