I see so many couples stressed out over unnecessary stresses at their wedding. Expectations set by family, friends, wedding magazines and the wedding industry.

Scrap it all, throw away your old wedding checklist and get a real one.

I might have over simplified the process, but man, have some of you over-complicated it!

[ ] 👥 The two of you getting married (you both need to be 18+, not already married, consenting to marrying each other)
[ ] 👭 Two witnesses (can be 18+ strangers, friends, family)
[ ] 🐨 A marriage celebrant, like me!
[ ] 🏔 If you want to get married somewhere in particular, do you need to book it, get a permit, whatever? If that places needs furniture, get some.
[ ] 🖼 If you like photos, get a photographer who shoots people like you really well.
[ ] 🎥 Same for a videographer, make sure your photographer likes them.
[ ] 💐 If you like flowers, get flowers. Or lollies, or cake, or whatever. Get things you like.
[ ] 💃🏻 You’ll probably need some clothes, so get some sexy AF clothes.
[ ] 💇🏽‍♂️ Barber, hairdresser, makeup, people that make you feel awesome.
[ ] 🍻🍔 Want to eat & drink?