First look photos before your wedding

Photos before the ceremony

If you’re looking for the simplest, easiest, and most meaningful way to introduce some peace and calm into your wedding day, here’s a solution that has been just sitting there waiting for you.

45-90 minutes before the ceremony, as everyone else is running around with their crazy face on, you and your favourite human catch up in a park or somewhere nice, with or without your photographers, and just spend some quality time with each other.

Maybe it’s for photos, maybe it’s for your sanity, maybe it’s you taking back your marriage celebration and making it your own. But whichever way you do it, 100% of the couples I marry that come together for a “first look” before the wedding, or if you want to be even crazier, get ready together, they all arrive at the ceremony with more peace and tranquility than I’ve seen on the hundreds of people that never took this option.

So here’s the easy sell: if you want to keep your heart rate at a romantic rate during your ceremony, instead of a bpm that would scare your doctor, see your partner before the ceremony.

Plus, it’s a really amazing way to take some hot photos in good sunlight,, but still get to party with everyone because if you time it right then all of your photos can happen before the late-afternoon ceremony and after you kiss and sign you paperwork you can just party all night long!

Photos by Jimmy from Izo in Perth!

Perth Elopement
Perth Elopement