Photogs capture the coolest moments of your wedding day, and one of the favourites for all of us is that first look, the first time a grooms sees his bride. It’s a split second in time you can never relive. I asked my friends that own lenses to send me some of their favourite first-look pics. If you love the photographer, follow the link in their name to check out their websites as well!

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Bek Grace

Brian & Alice – a simple, stunning wedding just for the two of them (+ the little one growing in the tummy) the first look was so sweet.


Kylie from Just For Love Photography

Irina & Alex in the Hunter Valley, in front of the vines.


Matt from York Street Creative

Bruce and his mother discovering that the bride was actually wearing a stunning black dress was a lot of fun to photograph. Even more, discovering that they had exactly the same mannerisms and facial expressions, and seeing the delight in his face.


Morgan Roberts

At a recent wedding that I photographed in Toowoomba, Amy and David kept it very traditional during the ceremony and saw each other as Amy walked down the aisle. I love this moment so much, and always like capturing the little reactions that people have to the main moment, like the pastor and best man here. I think Amy had just walked in the door here!

MRP First Look 3