When they first met at work, Chris thought Jade was a bitch, and she thought he was a crazy man! Years later, they call each other husband and wife. Life’s crazy like that sometimes.

On Christmas Day 2012 Chris asked Jade to marry her, and in 2014 they wed at Moda Restaurant in Brisbane. Tim Coulson took pics, I talked about love and marriage, they kissed and Moda Restaurant cooked up a storm. It was a pretty darn good day.

Hi Josh!

First of all, a huge thank you for making our wedding day possible! From my perspective as a bride, the whole wedding experience was so beautiful. I know it sounds super lame, but that moment I was holding my dad’s arm and walking down the aisle towards my (soon-to-be) husband, with all our loved ones to cheer us on, was simply the happiest I have ever felt in my whole entire life! I just could not wait to be married to that man waiting for me; I was so excited to kiss my husband! Thank you for picking up on my excitement and working with it (rather than being set to a ”scripted” speech).

Chris was really pleased with how you could relate to all the guests so well, you really managed to break the ice and ease any tension in the room (he says that included his nerves). He was also really happy that he was able to trust the whole ceremony to your capable hands.

The vows that you printed on the cards with ‘love’ on the back was really nice! I loved that!

Finally, in Jade’s words: “the photographer Tim was absolutely fantastic and captured some really special moments”. Here’s a few of them.

Chris and Jade - Moda Restaurant - Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

Chris and Jade - Moda Restaurant - Brisbane Wedding Celebrant