My goal for 2020 is to convince the world that your entire wedding will be better if you choose your team before you choose your date.

Here’s eight reasons why:

  1. The humans you invite to create your wedding, from the celebrant and the photographer through to the venue coordinator and the bar staff, are the number one contributing factor to how enjoyable your wedding planning and hosting experience is.
  2. Choosing a date before knowing your team’s availability severely limits your ability to choose a team you love.
  3. I would say that a significant amount of my and Tara’s time is spent on the phone, and on email, letting people know that I’m not available. I would say that most creatives would have a similar story. If we didn’t have to spend that time, our admin workload would reduce.
  4. You know that photographer or celebrant you just love and adore, they’re probably not available on that Saturday in Spring next year.
  5. When your team know that they matter to you, they respond better and create better. I know for my couples that move their date to accomodate me, I always feel like I owe them more, and they get more out of me.
  6. Excluding notable exceptions, like school teachers and defence service people, whose calendars are pretty locked in, most of us could marry any day of the week, in any month. So when you relax your requirements of a date, you get the freedom to plan the wedding you want, instead of the wedding you have to have now you’ve selected a date.
  7. I might be able to be your celebrant then!
  8. It’s just a really easy way to make your wedding planning a whole lot easier.