Brisbane Wedding Celebrant, Josh Withers

I really do consider myself the luckiest boy in town to be a wedding celebrant that works at Brisbane weddings. To be the star of your wedding, crating a personal marriage ceremony, along with your team of suppliers, that’s where I am 100% in my element. Creating and planning awesome and live marriage ceremonies. I simply believe that the moment you get married can be, and should be, the best part of your wedding – it doesn’t matter what some traditional wedding blog or directory says.

Photo by Morgan Roberts, Brisbane wedding photographer

I honestly do believe that your wedding ceremony an be – and should be – the best part of your wedding day!

Josh Withers

Marriage Equality

I feel like it doesn’t need to be mentioned, but I know that some celebrants still don’t support marriage equality, but I am affirming of all people, LGBT+, genders, sexual orientations, identities, and how you’re paired with someone else, is your choice, and mine is to celebrate the fact that you are loved.

Brisbane is where it began

In 2013 my full time marriage celebrant career was launched in the Courier Mail, and ever since then I’ve been creating ceremonies around Gold Coast, Brisbane, and literally the world. I’ve travelled as far as Iceland for my couples wedding to be their officiant, but I’m happy to stay a little closer at home for a Brisbane wedding.

You can jump onto any old wedding suppliers directory in Australia to show you who works in a region, but I appreciate that my couples are going the extra mile to plan an epic wedding, and I’d love to be the star that makes your ceremony amazing. My goal is for you to simply feel happy as you experience your ceremony, that it would be as good for you as it would be for your guests!

Love story

I am a professional celebrant, but I’m definitely not like everyone else. I bring my own humour and beauty to a marriage ceremony but one of the main tools that everyone uses, but I do not I use, when planning your ceremony is your love story. I go out of my way to make your ceremony warm and friendly, personal and enjoyable, but I’ve found that most couples getting married today aren’t inviting strangers to their wedding – so, I don’t spend half an hour telling them your love story. I have more resources at hand than telling them about your first kiss. I invest the time in telling them where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

Wedding planning tips

I have access to so many creative and awesome people who create epic Australian weddings every day. Regardless of your gender, or if you’re having a same-sex wedding, or something traditional, or weird, there is one solid tip I have for your wedding planning: know what matters to you both. Not to your society or community or friends or family, but sit down and talk about what matters to you in your relationship, in creating your own traditions, and how you want to acknowledge that important things are happening in your world. That way you don’t have to worry about what the law says, or what service your parents want, or what nerves you think you could have, but you can have a wedding that is just 100% you, all about you, celebrating you to the very word.

About wedding guests

Of course you want to invite some people to come and partner with you and celebrant those big life memories like getting married, but guests have two direct impacts on your approach to wedding planning. One is how they severely impact your budget. Without doubt, 100 guests and $200 a head, costs $20,000. So each guest has a solid expense for you, but the other thing to think about is with the deepest sincerity, are they people you do life with. Weddings aren’t a ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ kind of deal anymore, there real life.

Wedding photography

Photographers hate it when wedding celebrants talk about their art, their labour of love, wedding photography, but I am experienced enough to tell you that there are three things to bring to your photographer conversation:

  • Can you see some ceremony photos? It’s easy enough to get great portrait photos, but ceremony is where the photographer has no control. Can they make good ceremony photos?
  • Do you like them? This photographer will spend more time with you than your partner – on your wedding day – so make sure you actually like the person.
  • What is important to them in their photography? You don’t want to act like some kind of executive committee that is going to ruin the photographers day – after all there are enough around for you to choose someone else – so find out what makes them tick, what photos do they love making? What do they love capturing and making at weddings?

A lot of blogs or webpages you’ll Google will tell you to find out if the wedding photographer has worked at your venue before, but honestly, that doesn’t matter.


Who would have ever thought we would need to talk about pandemic and epidemics when it comes to wedding planning? COVID-19 hit so many of us so bad we have had to take courses on how to survive through this time, so the good news for you if you’re planning a marriage ceremony, elopement, or wedding, is that your wedding supplies and vendors will be well versed on how to survive everyday life – let alone a pandemic – now. I know that the best wedding vendors have safety plans, backup plans, better contracts, and efficient products and packages now as a result of a year long lockdown.

Where to get a marriage license in Brisbane?

A common point of confusion is that you need to get a marriage license to be married in Australia. That’s just not how it works. Instead, you book a civil marriage celebrant, I know a guy, and with you celebrant, you complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form. On completion your celebrant witnesses your signatures and receives it from you. Once the paperwork is in your celebrant’s hands a one month waiting period begins after which you can legally marry in Australia. You don’t need to see a registry office or a registry-style business, you just need a celebrant!