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They’re the second best looking group of people on your wedding day, why not put all that goodness to work and get them involved in your wedding ceremony!

Here’s seven different ways you can get your bridal party involved with your wedding ceremony craziness:

1. The party-leading party

Appoint your bridal party as the party leaders, they’re in charge of everyone having fun, everyone clapping and cheering. They can lead the bride and groom into and out of places and generally be the alpha males and alpha females of the night.

2. A very personal asking

Ask each bridesmaid and groomsman to prepare a secret funny question for the groom or bride. A bridesmaid could ask the groom “Do you promise to take the bride on date nights every week?” and the groom can respond “only if it’s a blood and guts movie!”

3. Leading you through your vows or ring exchange

A member of your bridal party could lead you through your vows or ring exchange, having prepared vows and asking you to repeat after them.

4. Prayer/blessing

If you’re the praying type a member of your bridal party could pray for you or proclaim a blessing over the day and your marriage. My friend Scotty did this for our wedding day.

5. Reading

If you had a reading , poem or sxcerpt from a book or scripture a member of your bridal party could read it for you.

6. Witnessing your marriage certificate

The two witnesses on your marriage certificate can be anyone you like, your best man and maid of honour, or others, perhaps other member memebrs of the bridal party could sign?

7. Surprise things

Have you seen Love Actually? (Is that a stupid question?)