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I just read this article on Offbeat Bride and had to share it. There’s some really good points to think about when a friend is doing something, photography for example, that you’d normally pay $6000 for, for free.

Read the whole article here, but I liked these little pull quotes:

It is now almost four months since my wedding, and though I have lots of pictures from my friend-vendor (aka “friendor”) of the wedding party posing, some from before the wedding, and a couple from afterwards, I still have not seen a single picture from her from the ceremony. Not. A. Single. One. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that we asked for an unplugged wedding ceremony from our guests, so NO ONE ELSE took pictures for those 20 minutes. And goddammit, I want to see my ceremony. That’s why we did the damn thing!
This is my gift for my friend’s wedding. They’re saving money by having me do this, so they’ll understand if I can’t get to it right away. They know me, they’ll be cool with it.
They may do this for a living, or they may do it just some of the time.
And… there’s nothing I can really do about it, other than keep sending messages every few weeks. Because I’ve never given her a dime.

So this post isn’t anti, or pro, friends as wedding vendors. But another point to consider when you’re given the opportunity. Because as nice as it might be to save $6000 on photography, not many people are giving $6000 wedding presents 🙂

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The feature image on this post is from The Pop-Up Wedding at Summergrove last week, taken by The Left Lane Photography.