Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant - photo by Morgan Roberts and the Elopement Collective

Nine out of ten dentists agree that I’m the best celebrant

Hi, my name is Josh, I’m a gadget-obsessed-nerd and Foo Fighters fan living on the Gold Coast, married to Britt, my spectacular wife, and a father to Luna, and we have the great honour of travelling this vast planet celebrating that marvellous union called marriage. We’re just two kids in love interested in other kids in love. I perform weddings in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, and around the globe!

That’s my story, what’s yours?

Let’s chat in person or on Skype to make sure I’m the right guy to create and lead your awesome wedding ceremony ✌🏼 and to get information on my fees and packages, it’s all available in my information pack which you can get at the bottom of this page.

I’m the celebrant you hire if the marriage ceremony is the best and most important part of your wedding!

Loads of fun

The mere fact that two people have fallen in love is crazy, if you ask me. So to get married, that’s an occasion worth celebrating. Weddings should be the most fun ever. Josh Withers is a really fun celebrant. So if you’re a fun person that likes doing fun things it’d be really crazy if we didn’t catch up, right?!

Short and sweet

Weddings traditionally just go on and on and on and on. I don’t think weddings should be quick, but they should take as long as it takes to celebrate your marriage, and  not a moment more. Everyone’s different, so your ceremony could take 18 minutes or a day.

Awesome PA system

Apparently most celebrants have terrible microphones and PA systems. Mine is a Bose professional system, awesome, modern, loud, clear, reliable, battery operated and wireless. There’s a zero percent chance of it not working at your wedding, and even less of a chance of everyone not hearing everything. Unless you’re Ozzy Osbourne.

All about marriage

I am all about marriage. I think it’s the best thing two people can do together, except for two player GoldenEye 64. I don’t care as much about traditions, or the way it’s supposed to be, as much as I care about making a moment that celebrates the two of you.

Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant - photo by Morgan Roberts and the Elopement Collective

The Rebel’s Guide To Getting Married

Every day at work for me sees couples in love, just like the two of you, stressing out over things that don’t matter as much as they seem. Sometimes its family getting in the way, or friends thinking they are helpful. Workmates with great ideas, or Pinterest boards that don’t match your wage.

Whatever is causing you stress in your wedding planning, I wanted to influence that process and make this whole wedding planning extravaganza mean something to you, so I started The Rebel’s Guide To Getting Married! Regular podcasts, videos, and blogs to help you get married with purpose!


What is a marriage celebrant?

A marriage celebrant is the person that speaks at your wedding ceremony. In some countries that person is called an officiant, or if it was religious in nature, a priest or a minister. In Australia a celebrant is appointed by the federal government to legally marry people according to the law. They’re also in charge of the laughs, and the meaning, of the moment in time you passthrough to become a married couple.

We eloped to Tasmania with Josh as our wedding celebrant and I could not recommend him more. He took the time to get to know us before hand, both face to face and over the phone in the lead up to the day and as a result the ceremony was distinctly ‘us’. Josh really engages everyone, our loved ones commented that they felt apart of what was happening which is exactly what we wanted. Josh gave us a modern and inclusive ceremony, that celebrated us and everything that is special about what we have. Thanks Josh!

Nikki and Darren

Tasmanian celebrant, with The Elopement Collective

We met Josh 2 years before our wedding day, newly engaged and no idea how to plan a wedding we headed to our first wedding expo, among all the vendors, flowers, photographers and celebrents was this guy that made us laugh, instantly we said “this is our guy!!!” He was bright, happy and said shit!, not your normal boring celebrant.
On our journey to making the perfect day, Josh was the first thing I booked, I did not want to have our day officiated by anyone else and needed to make sure I had him locked in first. Our Gold Coast wedding ceremony was perfect, it could not have been more us, it was relaxed and funny with lots of love and laughs. If you are looking for a celebrant that makes you feel important not just another job or someone that involves everyone and makes everyone happy and relaxed Josh is your man!

Di and Jamie

Gold Coast wedding celebrant, Braeside chapel

The best decision we made was to hire Josh! When we met him in his board shorts, singlet and thongs we knew we were on to a great thing! He is effortlessly amazing in his impromptu speech and every guest commented on how amazing he was! You would be silly not to book him! We laughed, we cried, we signed!
Hannah and Ardy

Maleny wedding, Sunshine Coast celebrant

Maybe I’m a little bit crazy, Maybe I’m a genius, But I recommended Josh to a friend of mine before we even had our ceremony. After Peter and I got married, I knew that I wasn’t just recommending him for no reason. Josh is one of the most personal and enthusiastic people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He exudes happiness and it’s so obvious that he is passionate about bringing people together. Josh is a true storyteller. You should let Josh tell your love story. I promise you won’t regret it.
Rowena and Drew

Surfers Paradise wedding, Gold Coast wedding celebrant

Perth Wedding Celebrant - elopement at Swan Valley - photo by Wedding photographers Izo Photography with The Elopement Collective - elope marriage ceremony
I thought you were going to be a shit celebrant, but you were really good! (Clint says jokingly as I take a selfie with them)
Clint and Ashleigh

Maleny Wedding celebrant

Josh was so great. As soon as we sat down for coffee with him, we knew that he was perfect for our ceremony. It’s so important to choose a celebrant that shares your view of marriage and who will make the ceremony amazing. Josh was so supportive of the little touches that we wanted and he has such a modern and profound understanding of what marriage is today. Our ceremony was touching, funny and suited us perfectly. I can’t recommend him enough, and I have already given away all the business cards I have of his to friends!
Dan and Kate

Brisbane celebrant, Hillstone St Lucia

Thanks Josh, we loved having you as our Celebrant, you absolutely kicked arse. It was so good. I normally find ceremonies to be boring and strangely sad or awkward but I LOVED our ceremony. Thank you for making it amazing!
Ben and Leah

Sydney wedding celebrant, Watson's Bay

Josh Withers
We cannot thank you enough for the job you did on the day! We have received a lot of positive feedback about our ceremony – many friends assuming you were a family member, several “how did you manage to find such a fun celebrant!” and then a few follow up calls when people saw you again on Married At First Sight (“OMG I just saw the guy that married you on TV!”). It will definitely be remembered for a long time to come for all the right reasons.
Anthony and Elena

Brisbane celebrant, Samford Valley wedding

Now that the dust has settled on the wedding, honeymoon, move to Brisbane and new jobs, Rach and I wanted to write to you to express our sincerest thanks for making our ceremony unforgettable. We simply couldn’t imagine a better person that we wanted to involve in our day as a celebrant. In particular, we loved how you supported us the whole way through the process – including coming down to meet us in Sydney and then being at the venue the day before. I’m sure you know better than most that the whole experience can be a little daunting but your presence made us both feel really comfortable/confident in what we were doing. Also, your guidance (both in person and through your website) helped us make the ceremony (including our vows) really personal and unique to us. On the day, we really appreciated how you managed to make the ceremony light-hearted and fun and how you really engaged the crowd so that everyone was having a good time. I know that I threw you for a loop with the vows (I still don’t know what I was thinking to change the plan in the middle of the vows) so we really appreciated how you took it all in good stride and good humour. As for the handing over of rings, well, we won’t talk about that! Just kidding, we are so glad it happened as it made for a good laugh. It’s amazing how all the things that you worry might go wrong end up being the best part! We hope to see you around Brisvegas some time soon.
Rob and Rachel

Sydney celebrant, Stokehouse Brisbane wedding

Josh Withers is the best celebrant EVER!
Michael and Jess, with a clearly unbiased opinion

Brisbane marriage celebrant

Derek and Caroline eloped!
When your celebrant references Dave Grohl and quotes Beyoncé you know it’s going to be an amazing ceremony! Thank you so much Josh for celebrating our union with us. You are the most amazing human who made us feel soo comfortable in what is usually a stressful situation. You are the BOMB!!
Guy and Michelle

Townsville celebrant

Three words! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Josh will not only marry you to the love of your life, he will also put you completely at ease, make the entire experience easy, simple and fun and most importantly help hold your veil down when the wind attacks!
Scott and Rebecca

Canberra celebrant

My fiancé and I were searching for a celebrant who suited our relaxed style. After looking through many lovely, yet very serious celebrants we came across Josh. When we first laid eyes on his website introduction we were pretty much sold and weren’t disappointed. The most memorable and helpful thing Josh said to us was ‘your wedding should be just like your last party – birthday or housewarming – only bigger and better’. Weddings can be stressful but Josh made the ceremony so fun and relaxed. For me, I will always remember our ceremony as the absolute best part of my day. Rich and I got a hundred phone calls last night after all our guests saw Josh on Married at First Sight! Thanks again for everything, Josh. Best. Day. EVER!
Jacqui and Rich

Tweed Coast Wedding Celebrant

We’ve never been to a wedding as amazing as ours! Josh, you are a legend and that’s really all there is to say. However, it’s hardly a testimonial. You ticked all our boxes and more. You were far from stuffy, boring and smelling of moth balls. You totally got us by delivering a ceremony that was different, even though we couldn’t exactly articulate to you what that meant. You delicately mixed humour with the serious side of getting hitched. We loved your beautiful unscripted words…those that made us feel warm and fuzzy, and those that made us all laugh. Our wedding ceremony was a true reflection of us and how we roll, and we can’t thank you enough for being you.
Roy and Mariya

Brisbanes celebrant

The only feedback my husband and I have is…to keep doing what you do! You know you have an incredible celebrant when the words that he used in your ceremony made you cry. Josh found a way to incorporate brief parts of previous conversation and elements of who we are as a couple into our ceremony and it was not only entertaining but honest and moving. We would not hesitate in referring Josh to anyone who’ll listen!
Scott and Angel

Gold Coast's best wedding celebrant

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of exchanging our vows in the presence of the one-of-a-kind celebrant Josh Withers. Josh did everything for us; he provided ideas, equipment, support, humour, and atmosphere. Actually, to be honest, they weren’t even our vows – at the last minute he provided those as well! We probably aren’t the traditional couple, and I’m guessing that is exactly what Josh caters for. I didn’t want an overly sappy ceremony, something short, sweet, and a touch of humour to keep everyone interested (because most are there for the booze right?!). I don’t remember much of what was said in our vows, but while I was grinning from ear to ear in front of my groom, I do remember vowing to stand by him in a zombie apocalypse. Josh can pick personalities quite well and he’ll likely adapt his style to suit the celebrations. I really enjoyed having him around; he’s a great bloke and a fantastic celebrant. As I’ve said to the many guests that have asked for his details, I’d happily (and forcefully) recommend him as a wedding celebrant. It was truly memorable!
Ant and Sally

Stanthorpe celebrant

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