Following up on 16 unique wedding ceremony ideas – here’s 8 more to inspire you and your wedding ceremony.

  1. Design your wedding ceremony with inspiration from how you both met. If you both love Dr Seuss, try these Dr Seuss vows or a Dr Seuss reading. Or if you met on the internet, the poem, Love on the Internet, might be the special touch that makes you smile.
  2. Let your style overtake any tradition or existing design in the ceremony. Guests attending should know they are at your wedding, not just anyones. If you love colours or streamers, then let your style run free. There are  no wrong answers here, unless the style doesn’t scream you.
  3. Before the wedding ceremony, let the boys have some fun too. Not only will the groom and his men look great but they’ll feel special, just like the bride her bridesmaids will do after hours of hair and makeup.
  4. If family, or people that are like family, can’t be there on the day, and you really wanted them to be there, include them in the service. If the person has recently passed here are some ideas on how to include them. But if they are able bodied but not present, consider Skype or Apple Facetime. Video chat technology is pretty good on 3G and 4G networks now. Just try and avoid doing it on an iPad, it just looks awkward.
  5. Think about how you can involve social media in your wedding. You might want none of it shared on social media, communicate this in the invites and possibly on a sign or ask your celebrant to communicate your request on the day. Or you might want all of it on social media. Prepare a hashtag and communicate this to all of the guests and the celebrant could ask them to share all of their photos on Twitter and Instagram using the same hashtag or on the same Facebook event.
  6. Strip your idea of a wedding ceremony bare and start with the bare minimum. From that bare minimum of a wedding ceremony, build up from there so that the day is 100% you.
  7. Both the bride and groom can be at the ceremony early and they can both greet guests. The traditional, and often sexist, walk down the aisle is totally available to be remixed, removed or replaced. Here’s some ideas.
  8. Bring the reception and the ceremony together. Your ceremony could occur inside the reception, after dinner. Or the ceremony could be a lead-in to the reception or the reception could be a post-ceremony party. There are no rules here.