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  1. Your dad thinks the world of you and will support you through anything.
  2. Your mother is my greatest treasure and gets my upmost respect and trust. You should treat her even better than I do.
  3. Let music be your mistress.
  4. Never underestimate the power of doing chores unasked.
  5. Never miss a practice and I’ll never miss a game.
  6. Don’t ever start quitting; it’s a hard habit to break.
  7. Never say no to a breath mint or deodorant.
  8. Aim higher; no one accidentally became prime minister.
  9. You will fall in love and marry one day, so be discreet and save money.
  10. Become an expert in something.
  11. Don’t spend too much money on a haircut. They don’t last. But don’t tell your girlfriend or wife that.
  12. Dance with the prettiest girl at the dance.
  13. Only flip your steak once and cook it until the blood rises on each side.
  14. In monopoly buy the orange properties.
  15. Always pack a pair of jeans. They go with everything.

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